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The best tour I took an L.A.

How are you doing Robin?, in case you don't remember me took two of your helicopter tours in L.A. a year ago during spring break. I was the guy wearing a couple Mario T-shirts, I also was intrigued about your experience being one of the helicopter crewman on the set of the movie Broken Arrow when I told you about when I met Christian Slater 14 years ago on a studio tour in L.A. as well. I wanted to tell you that really enjoyed the chopper flights especially the second one with that guy Isaiah and his 3 year old son on that tour, that put a smile on my face after I was driving away, it really was the best tour I took an L.A. and it's one of my top five best chopper flights. I happen to work in childcare and so I was saying after that tour "this is going to be a new stor' v tell my students and cu-teachers".

I recently took a couple more chopper flights in Hawaii including my favorite one to the Jurassic Park Falls in Kauai again so I recently wanted to complement you with what a great pilot you are. Broken Arrow is one of my favorite movies I watch every couple of months and I saw your name during the closing credits and said "I flew with him in L.A." it's my favorite movie with Christian Slater that I knew him from as well. I told many of my friends and family stories about flying with you. I can see from your Instagram posts you have a blast flying many customers for a living. Anytime anyone wants to fly in L.A. I'll definitely recommend them to you and if I ever fly there again I'll definitely contact you again.

Keep up the great work and good luck with more of your flights.

–Tom Spettel

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What a way to take off on 2022. A beautiful day for a ride in LA sky. Let's talk about a smooth ride and views of our beautiful city all the way around. From the beach to the hills of Hollywood and around the skyline of Downtown LA. An experience we will cherish forever. Our pilot Robin was so awesome, Informative about what we flew over to any questions we had. He also plays music during the ride. a definite must do. And if you want a pilot that can sing, well what are you waiting for? I had a blast singing along with Robin. My family thanks you for this great memory to Add into our book of life.  #FLYROBINFLY...

– With respect THE GUZMANS 

The Guzmans

@scheltenssandra writes:

Best thing I did effa!! In@my life surprised the family with a helicopter ride over Los Angeles!! What a blast * what an amazing thing to do. We had Robin as our signing yes you read it right our singing pilot!!!
So blessed to know the great man!!! What an amazing hart he has!!! Helping the community!!!!!! Man you made me cry !!!! THANK YOU a THANK YOU SO MUCH for the experience and making me hero of my family!!!!

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That's the best experience on my travel to LA. It is worth it, every penny!! And BTW Compton is great!!! Safe and and very accesible. Far away better than I... read more

Aitor P.M. Avatar Aitor P.M.
November 12, 2021

Best tour I've ever done so far. I offered my daughter a Catalina/downtown helicopter ride, and everything was perfect: The fun and good atmosphere in the helicopter, the restaurant... read more

Mikael Genachte Avatar Mikael Genachte
August 30, 2021

Robin (owner and pilot at Celebrity Helicopters) is THE MAN! He took what would have been a low point in our weekend getaway to Catalina and made it the... read more

Brendan Daly Avatar Brendan Daly
August 23, 2021


Ahhhhh!! Still on Cloud 9 by the whole experience and I can’t wait to our marriage journey, but first...I’m going to bask in the fiancé phase! Lol!

Saul’s proposal was so sweet and just perfect! He made up a believable story that his company was having a corporate event and taking us by helicopter (it seemed convincing since we did take a private plane back from Vegas before 😎).  He landed somewhere on the mountain tops in Anaheim hills, and on his “short walk," Saul and I walked around the hillside. The pilot was actually setting up a picnic and filming us.  This day was better than what I could have envisioned and I’m so happy to be yours.
A BIG shoutout to @celebheli for making this helicopter experience an unforgettable one! Thank you so much for the best time of our lives and taking all the photos/videos that we will cherish forever!

– Tiffany @tglam. instagram

Tiffany's Engagement

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Early on a summer Friday in Compton, at a time when morning rush hour traffic is at its height during most people’s commutes, activist/pilot Robin Petgrave is 600 feet in the air, buzzing along in a helicopter at 140 miles per hour. From that angle, the city is awash in grid-like patterns of architecture and asphalt, perfectly lit by the sun just breaking through the marine layer.

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