Helicopter cockpit view of Los Angeles and Santa Monica. Los Angeles Helicopter Tours
Flying over Dodger Stadium
Santa Monica pier at sunset. Los Angeles Helicopter Tours

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We have a variety of tours in airplanes and helicopters to see all of the different areas and attractions of Los Angeles for every budget. From $99.00/per person on our Sightseers Dream (Airplane) Tour to our Deluxe Night (Helicopter) Tour that includes limousine service, inflight Horderves, champagne, and candlelight Gourmet dinner. You could choose our Sky's The Limit (Helicopter) Tour to see the total overview of LA including those secret hidden gems, or let us customize one to fit your specific budget.

Sightseers Dream. Los Angels airplane rides.
Our lowest price Airplane tour, which whirls you around the beaches and ports of Los Angeles’ south bay. An approx. 25-minute flight.
The Gateway Tour. Los Angeles helicopter tours.
Our lowest price Helicopter tour which acquaints you with San Pedro and the Port of Los Angeles.
An approx. 15-25 minute flight.
The beach cities tour. Los Angeles helicopter tours.
Helicopter tour of L.A.’s breathtaking coast and hidden gems of Palos Verdes and the South Bay.
An approx 30-min flight.An approx. 25-minute flight.
The Hollywood Strip Tour. Los Angeles helicopter tours.
A Helicopter whirl around the famous tourist spots such as The Walk of Fame, Hollywood Hills and Hollywood Strip.
An aprrox. 15-30 minute flight.
The deluxe Champagne tour. Los Angeles helicopter tours.
An Airplane tour which covers all the sites of L.A. while sippin’ on champagne! The best bang for your buck.
An approx. 55-minute flight.
The LA Tour. Los Angeles helicopter tours.
See the City of Angels in our flight covering a little bit of everything.
An approx 25-min flight.An approx. 25-minute flight.
Celebrity homes tour. Los Angeles helicopter tours.
Our Most Popular Helicopter Tour. Be part of The Paparazzi and “in the know” as we reveal what’s behind the gates of the rich & famous.
An approx. 35 minute flight.
The original night tour. Los Angeles helicopter tours.
Hover the LA skyline during this nightime Helicopter flight where you get to navigate.
An approx. 40-minute flight.
The VIP Grand Tour. Los Angeles helicopter tours.
Our Most-Recommended Helicopter Tour. See the beach cities, the celebrity homes, and downtown all in one lengthy grand tour!
An approx 55- minute flight.
The deluxe night tour. Los Angeles helicopter tours.
“The Coolest Thing You Can Do In LA”. Sip on Champagne …. land at a restaurant… then we drive you home. An all-inclusive night and the perfect date for any occasion.
An approx 40- minute flight.flight.
Biplane rides. Los Angels airplane rides.
Fly along the coastline in our beautifully restored WWII Steerman open cockpit bi-plane. Your instructor will show you the basics, then release the controls to you if you want.
Approx. 25-minute flight.
The Sky's the Limit. Los Angeles helicopter tours.
The V.I.P. Tour on steroids. Witness the majestic jagged coastline from Palos Verdes deep into Malibu. See the mega mansions of Beverly Park with a lot of $urprise$.
An approx 75-minute flight.
Dinner and date night special
The perfect escape for less than $125.00 total including a Gourmet dinner (See Our Menu), your choice from our menu.
The flight includes Stub Hub Stadium, Goodyear Blimp base, and The Porsche Experience complex.
The custom Tour. Los Angeles helicopter tours.
Design your own dream flight to exotic islands or locations
only accesbible by Helicopter. Let us make your wishes come true.
Perfect for special occasions.
Gift Certificates. Los Angeles helicopter tours.