Biplane Rides

Located in Southern California!
Fly along the beautiful Pacific coastline of Long Beach, Palos Verdes & Redondo Beach

This World War II Biplane takes one person per flight with the pilot

Each biplane passenger chooses from any or all of these options: Aerobatic thrills, smooth scenic rides and/or flight lesson. 

Flight Prices

  • 30 min. – $395
  • 45 min. – $525
  • 60 min. – $659

Payment of cash or check due on day of your flight.

Call 562-427-9433 to order gift certificates or to schedule your flight.

One person per flight and each adventure is customized to that passengers desires including any or all of the following options:

Aerobatic thrills:
Experience as much (or as little) as you desire.  Loops, rolls, spins & more.

Smooth Scenic Flight:
Enjoy a relaxing sightseeing flight along our
beautiful southern California coastline.

Schedule Flights or Order Gift Certificates
by calling us at 562-427-9433
Would you like to fly an open cockpit bi-plane along the coastline
of Redondo Beach,scenic Palos Verdes and Long Beach?
Then our World-War II  Biplane Adventure is for you!
Fly this beautifully restored 1943 WWII Stearman Bi-Plane.
Your instructor will show you the basics, then release the controls to you.You can thrill to aerobatics such as loops, rolls & spins? Or no aerobatics…you choose.
Your pilot will perform as many aerobatic maneuversas you desire.
Each flight is personally customized to your interest level.

To schedule your Biplane Ride call (562) 427-9433

Email us at

  • Flight Time:Approx. 25-minute flight.
  • Price:$395 per person